Qi Gong

Qi Gong was originally called Dao Yin, which basically means: “to direct movement”, its focus of practice is that the entire matrix of the body is developed and worked, this includes the physique, the coordination of breathing to movement and the concentration on developing the greatest potential that the body can produce. Many different styles and techniques were created throughout the years based on the school of thought. In time the name Qi Gong was adopted, the word Qi is a very broad term that in part, encompasses the physiological state of being in the body, while the word Gong means to work or develop. 

The goals of practicing Qi Gong is to develop:

  • Symmetrical alignment or natural alignment of the body
  • Training of natural movement
  • Connecting the breath to the movements of the bodies core
  • Generating the bodies potential energy
  • The development of the physical sensation of the body
  • Strengthening the musculature
  • And finally regulating the bodies metabolic systems

Shaolin Stance training is a very physical manifestation of Qi Gong training it is used as the first stage in developing “good” Kung Fu and Qi Gong. Stance training provides clear physical cues for the practitioner and creates the initial alignment, strength and coordination required for a healthy balanced physique. Without this fundamental training the potential of the person is limited for Kung Fu and Qi Gong.

All Yee’s Hung Ga Classes provide Shaolin stance training as a part of the curriculum.
THE SAN FRANCISCO BRANCH has an extensive full body Qi Gong Training course, which includes:

  • Fundamentals & Basic Qi Gong, Intermediate Qi Gong, Advanced Qi Gong and Forms Class.

THE CHELSEA BRANCH has an extensive Kung Fu Qi Gong Training Course, which includes:

  • Foundations Class, Forms Class and Qi Gong Class
  • In addition the Chelsea branch has a full acupuncture clinic on site

THE WILLIAMSBURG BRANCH includes this training in their Kung Fu and Forms Classes
THE LONG ISLAND BRANCH includes this training in their Fundamentals and Forms Classes

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