Martial Arts Legends Magazine – September 1999

The Hung-Ga Style: Traditional Techniques meet the “Real World”
By C.S.A

In my younger years, I was a bit of a rabble rouser, and from the start, always regarded the martial arts from a combative point of view. I studied some karate, some kickboxing, and some Thai boxing. During the Eighties, my search ended: I took up Hung-ga Kung-fu, and ended up staying with the style. more…

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Interview the Master: Sifu Frank Yee
By Sifu Joseph Demundo

Find out what Master Frank Yee says about the Hung-Ga style of Kung-Fu in this interview. more…

Wushu Kung-Fu Qiqong – September 1998

Wong Fei Hung, Tang Fung, Yuen Ling and Frank Yee
By Frank Yee with Pedro Cepero

Read about the history of Wong Fei Hung, Tang Fung, Yuen Ling and Frank Yee, the people who kept Hung-Ga alive through all these years. more…

Wong Fei Hung Famous Hero, Brilliant Mind
By Pedro Cepero

Although we look at Wong Fei Hung, the hero, some people never take the time to look past the fantasies and realize the real reason why he was so famous. more…

By Amanda Revell Walton