Yees Hungga


The San Shou and Sparring program is dedicated to the use of the Hung Ga foundation and fundamental techniques in a sport setting to form a high intensity, fun and exciting workout while teaching real-time defense, offense and conditioning in a variety of situations. Its cardiovascular and muscular benefits are second to none.

As in all of our classes, we utilize a progressive step-by-step method of teaching, and pace the training according to the individual.

Sparring 1 / Basic San Shou is broken down into 3 parts

    • Warm ups – technique shadow boxing, single person work that focuses on movement, footwork, hip placement and coordination?
    • Drills – Long Range striking techniques are practiced on pads, Short Range strikes, lifts, throws and defenses are practiced in the clinch range and locks, positioning, Strikes and Defenses are practiced in the ground range.
    • Cool down – calisthenics and stretching exercises are performed to relax the body at the end of class.
    • No actual sparring is practiced in this class.

Sparring 2 / Intermediate San Shou consists of sparring in the various ranges: “long range”, “clinch range”, “ground range” and mixed ranges. All sparring is performed at a relaxed and controlled pace. Any student that is not familiar with sparring will work with an instructor until they are comfortable.

As each student progress in their skill level, the concentration on training will change to fot their new ability such as advanced techniques, advanced pad drills, throwing, clinching and locking combinations and advanced sparring. There is also special training for any student who wishes to enter into open competitions.

Sparring for Yee’s Hung Ga

  • Lei Tai – traditionally Lei Tai was the competition arena for Kung Fu fighters, either for sport or rivalry. The rules varied from place to place and from time to time, the amount of protection and brutality seemed to be negotiable depending on the stakes of the competition. This form of Lei Tai is not not practiced currently, instead there are many types of “sport martial art” competitions that have taken its place. Here are some of the major types of sport fighting that suits our goals for training and competition.
  • San Shou, Sun Da & modern Lei Tai sometimes known as chinese kickboxing was created to give Kung Fu an actual sport setting with standard rule systems that would be acceptable to an international crowd. San Shou uses boxing gloves, shin instep pads & head gear as protective equipment, legal techniques are kicks, punches, throws, tackles and lifts. Sun Da is similar but also allows knees to the body and generally lets the fighters spend more time in clinch range. International rules of Sun Da allow elbows and knees to the face as well. Lei Tai has similar rules as international Sun Da however uses smaller open fingered gloves, no shin pads & martial art shoes.
  • Swai Jiao & Grappling – Swai Jiao also known as chinese wrestling is a form of fighting that strongly focuses on throwing, sweeping, tackling and takedowns, where grappling tournaments relies more on pinning and joint locking.
  • Freestyle & MMA – These types of competitions combine all of the aspects of the above tournaments, the protective equipment are gloves similar as those worn in a Lei Tai competition, shin instep pads and head gear.

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